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Roll up roll up! Exciting opportunity right here!

*Find out How How Female Entrepreneurs Can Get National Press Coverage For Free*


The time has come for you to ‘properly’ hang out with us – not just in our group, not just on our page, but in a dedicated space that is committed to helping you to

Dare to be Seen!

The Chocolate PR team will be bedding down on a mission to help you get comfortable with becoming more visible..and to share some secrets of how you – yes YOU can get in the press!

If you’ve seen your peers in the media and are desperate to know how they are doing it….

If you’ve dreamt of owning fabulous ‘As Seen In’ media trust tags and press logos on your marketing to elevate your position in your marketplace but have no idea where to start…

If you KNOW you have a powerful message to share, value to give and impact to make but don’t have a scooby how to use the power of PR to achieve this…

THEN YOU NEED TO JOIN US – because we’ll show you how!

We’ll be delivering live training, hosting incredible guests and sharing with you our tips and advice on how you can get yourself into the media.

We’ll take you through 3 days of live challenges, to enable you to put our advice into practice, and we’re on hand to feedback, and support you as you explore what’s needed to become press-ready.

By the end of it, you’ll have taken your first steps to getting published – now that’s pretty damn exciting!

This is for you if…

You like to take action

You like to learn fast

You appreciate expert guidance to help elevate you

You want to get under the skin of PR and start to believe it could be for you

You’re ready to kick into touch those limiting beliefs that have stopped you from really showing up

You’d like to grab your first press trust tag

If media trust tags are on your vision board this year, if spreading your message further and wider to make more impact is a goal of yours, if seeing your name in print in your favourite magazine would make your year you’re gonna need to come and hang out here!

BURSTING with value, insights, and guidance it is our mission to get you published by the end of the week! You know we don’t mess around, and we won’t be holding back. 

You’ll be getting LOADS of the good stuff here and we hope you’ll come and join us so we can really play out our mission this year of helping more women in business share their voices – in the wider world – FURTHER THAN JUST YOUR FACEBOOK BUBBLES! XX

This is for you if you want to get in the press but it’s SPECIFICALLY for you if

You like to take action

You’re a sufferer of Imposter Syndrome

You’re a new business

You’re 1-2 years into your business

As we can help save you years of doubting yourself or procrastinating about owning your space – and help you do it NOW! 🔥

You’ll love this if…

You’ve dabbled but not yet been supercharged by PR

You’re launching your business

You’re ready to be recognised as the expert you are

You enjoy high energy passionate guidance that can help you grow your business

Here’s the overview of what we’ll cover (we’re not giving TOO much away yet!)

All we’ll say is it will be WELL worth your time putting these dates in your diary! 


Monday  20th SEPT 2021, 10am 

10AM: We’ll delve behind the scenes of PR to show you why connecting your business to your story pays off and how this leads to press coverage. We’ll also chat around your fears of getting visible and how focusing on your mission and the impact you want to make can help to reduce these so you can confidently share your story with purpose. 

Are you hiding?



The Media like Mission Messages  & Clarity around your specialisms and zones of genius- What’s Yours? Here we help you get press ready, looking at what parts of your story to share and what parts of you to showcase! 


7 PM

Making sure your mind monkeys are not blocking your progress we bring you one of our business besties who is a master at telling hers to ‘F Off!’ Talking all things Imposter Syndrome and how to overcome it in your journey to getting more visible, Donna Elliott from Now Is Your Time, a straight talking Northerner with a huge heart, helps you to boost your self worth and find your true power within!

Helping you Stand Out

Donna Elliott

SHARE TO BE SEEN: Owning your Awesomeness - & SHARING IT with the press

WEDNESDAY 22nd SEPT 2021, 10am

Getting recognised as No.1 in your field means REALLY owning something. Making impact with your story means going all in. What are you ready to own? It’s time to really get down to it today and look at what you need to share to achieve PR success to make you a media (and client) magnet.

What’s your message, and where do you need to share it. We’ll explore what content you could pitch and to which media.


7 PM

Providing you with continued support around Daring to Be Seen we bring you the fabulous input of confidence coach, TEDx Speaker and self built media star Lizi Jackson-Barrett who is ready and waiting with practical tips on how boost your confidence around getting visible by connecting to being uniquely you, along with her own insights into how she has achieved PR success from a standing start.

Lizi Jackson-Barrett


FRIDAY 24th SEPT 2021, 1pm

Today we recap everything we’ve covered, we celebrate our challengers who’ve got PR ready and we also challenge you … to get published within a  week…. Will you Dare To Be Seen? X


After a challenge week we like to hang out with you a few days longer, as you digest the transformation you’ve just been through and start on your next steps of your PR journey. Leave us your questions after you’ve reflected on the activity this week – we’re here to help you make sense of it all! 

I have been putting myself forward to get out there and share my message…I just secured my first guest spot on a podcast. This scares the heck out of me, but 5,4,3,2,1 Done.

You’ve really helped me communicate who I am, what I stand for and what I do. I’ve pitched myself to 3 people today and bagged some podcasts 🙂 On to writing now and then I’ll be pitching more over the weekend


Thank you xxx
Tammy Green

Shut the front door. Jo since doing your free Facebook challenge, aside from applying your advice and getting a feature in my local paper, Sky TV have called today to do a live feature!! …and then came Channel 5! I feel that I can achieve other things just by stepping out of that self-doubt. Just trusting the process that you taught. I’m glad I did your challenge. Your advice and encouragement and transparency, oh my gosh. Anyone sitting on the shelf re working with you is missing out.


Thank you xxx
Donna Powell

“I got featured in a TV interview. It was on telecast on Sky TV on Saturday. I teach Indian languages to kids and adults and only started my business last year in summer. I am super chuffed about this PR win and I hope I will be in the running for these prizes.”


Thank you xxx
Bhavna Dhutia