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When a Puddle Broke Social Media

Puddle Watch....Who’d have thought British weather could provide such a social marketing coup?

Last week we may well have witnessed one of 2016's  twitter phenomena's - and still in the first week of Jan. What was it about? A celeb’s backside? A big brand’s PR stunt? A worldwide cause affecting us globally? No. It was about a puddle. In Newcastle.

Here we go 2016 - a year when reality could just start to take over the superficial world…just maybe. This was not a planned stunt, or a brand led stunt, it was pure human interest stuff.

Admittedly #drummandpuddlewatch came from a marketing agency - but I do believe them when they say it was for their own entertainment and not a stunt, as this is exactly the kind of thing that would have amused us when we look out of the office window - and we have seen many sights over the years - it now makes me wish we’d shared them!

Read our Director's view in her post on LinkedIn to find out more... 

When a Puddle Broke Social Media