So, we all know many people over the age of 60. Since when did they require a stair lift or want to spend their time talking about funeral planning? More likely they’ll be off on an adventure somewhere spending the kids’ inheritance and having a better social life than all of us (this is certainly what our research has found).

Over the last few years we’ve done a lot of work with this audience, working with pre-retirees, retirees, those working in the industry and bloggers, to look at how the perception of the over 60's needs to be updated and brought to life.

This week we came across this great campaign from Specsavers, courtesy of an article on and felt the need to praise it from the rooftops. It features John Cleese in his Basil Fawlty persona - have a watch -

Specsavers addresses the fact that yes some over 60's might have some level of deteriorating health - in that they might need glasses to aid their eyesight. No drama, just a fact of life for many. Specsavers cheeky approach has always taken any stigma away from needing glasses and given the reality a fun spin.

Whilst it is intended to be an advert, their new video is a fantastic example in our view of content marketing as it should be. It ticks the following boxes:-

  • Content has been invested in with a view to it being sharable
  • It appeals genuinely to the audience
  • It has humour
  • People will want to share it with their peers
  • It’s simple
  • It incorporates an offer that the audience could make use of
  • It provides added value content of interest that gives the audience ‘unique insight’ into something they wouldn’t usually get (behind the scenes footage of the ad being made and interview with John)

The core reason we love it so much is that it has taken the time to think about the audience and tapped into nostalgia. We all love a bit of that don’t we - and Fawlty Towers had a following across generations and genders. By bringing content that an audience will crave and share you’ve cracked it.

There’s lots more they could do with this, and I’m sure they will, to further increase the bang for their buck and milk every ounce of content from this campaign - but Well done Specsavers. We salute you. And we hope this inspires many other brands who work with the over 60s to have a re-think about how they talk to their customers, and about what true engagement really is. You don’t need to have a budget for John Cleese to be able to make an impact, but creativity is a must.