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Guinness Met it's Match at Calls Landing

Locals gathered to welcome MJ Fortis docking at Calls Landing...

“There is real substance behind this drink and David has definitely beaten Goliath. I’m definitely voting for MJ Fortis” says a guest from the launch which welcomed in locally brewed artisan stout MJ Fortis at Leeds best kept secret, Calls Landing Stew and Oyster Bar on January 19th.

Keen to encourage customers to explore more alternative flavours, it added this little known stout to its taps to see what customers made of it. The response; the guests loved it and with voting continuing late into the night, guests voted MJ Fortis Artisan Stout triumphant over its giant rival Guinness, meaning this locally brewed stout is here to stay.

The evening was enjoyed by guests from across Leeds, with them experiencing the taste of the new stout and trying their hand at oyster shucking, while the experts of Ilkley Brewery were there to talk about their new creation.

One guest commented, “It’s a 20/10 for me.”

A commitment to working with local suppliers has always been a part of the Stew & Oyster brand, even to the point of using Yorkshire crisps and getting its mineral water from an artisan spring in the Yorkshire Wolds, and this year sees a further focus to bring more local brewery ales into the bar.

Stew & Oyster Manager Gordon Dickinson said: “We are a friendly local, with a passion for all things Yorkshire and we have some great suppliers on our doorstep. This is why we were so excited to launch MJ Fortis. The evening was a great success with guests enjoying learning about the heritage of this great new Yorkshire stout. MJ Fortis is a very distinctive drink, and we are pleased to welcome the addition to our bar now it has received the thumbs up from our customers.”

The award-winning Ilkley Brewery team describe MJ Fortis as offering ‘aromas of chocolate, coffee and berries, with a rich flavour and smokey infusion’ within a thick, creamy full bodied stout’.

Luke Raven, Brewer at the Ilkley Brewery who introduced the new stout at the launch said: “We’ve been working closely with Calls Landing having defined their customer’s desire to drink local, hand-crafted, tasty, real ale. Our new MJ Artisan Ales craft-kegged range is designed to show people that the grass is greener, tastier and more sustainable if you move away from the mass produced, bland products that swamp the beverage marketplace. The evening was great with us showing guests the true values of Yorkshire”.

“MJ Fortis is big on flavour, yet subtle and smooth and easy to drink. With its silky, creamy finish, it food matches oysters perfectly, and the bold flavour would complement any stew. Calls Landing is therefore the ideal home for our latest creation and we are delighted that it went down so well. We even had to put a new pump on, on the night-that’s got to be a great sign!”

A guest from the event said: “The new MJ Fortis stout is really unique in flavour and is smooth and so easy to drink, It really fits in well with the laid back personality of Calls Landing. I think it’s a winner.”

Another guest commented, “MJ Fortis is completely different to any stout I have ever tasted. It is a lot cleaner than Guinness and lingers on the taste buds. I would definitely come back and drink this again.”

Calls Landing Stew & Oyster Bar, located at 36 – 38 The Calls, is Leeds’ only oyster bar.
Guinness Met it's Match at Calls Landing